The Garage

The Garage is the one of the important feature by Race Genesis. It offers a glimpse into the extended functionality and features. It is a changable place where users may access their Car NFTs. In Race Genesis, the Garage is a gateway to daily rewards and a space to store and showcase in-game assets and NFTs. Players can manage and keep all the assets in their garage; upgrade or customize their vehicles! Racers must keep their cars in the Garage to maintenance them after finishing every race

Important Features of the Garage

The garage serves many purposes. It is your special space in Race Genesis. You may reach various features from your Garage.
  • Car Customizations: Players can change their cars in the garage. Players can upgrade and make additions to their cars.
  • Garage Customization: Players can change their garage space. All customizations will be made by NFTs.
  • NFT Car Parking on the Garage: Showcase the NFT car collections in the garage parking slots.
  • Inventory: Players may manage all their in-game NFTs assets in this feature manage assets. All the assets such as car parts, cars, etc. may be viewed by the players via the menu.